Finance Division

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Factory Country/RegionWestern Province(Sri lanka)
  • District :Colombo District
  • Distance to Colombo : 33 km


Please feel free to contact us by post, telephone or Fax.Our opening hours are 8.30am to 4.15 pm Monday to Friday.

  • Address: Panaluwa,Watareka,Padukka

  • Phone: 011 2757502 , Ex : 231

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The Finance Division is mainly responsible for managing the overall accounting activities concerning revenue, financial reporting and financial services of the State Printing Corporation. Its major areas of duties include preparation of annual budget, collection of revenue, maintaining and updating of accounting records, creating and presenting financial status reports to internal and external parties, preparation of financial statements and presenting to the management and to the Auditor General, and maintaining better financial discipline and providing high quality financial information that supports the organization corporate management initiatives.