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With a long standing reputation for meeting extreme deadlines while maintaining the highest quality, SPC Printing is your reliable source for printed communications. Our wide range of equipment enables us to produce printed material within our facility in the most cost-effective and economical manner possible. As an environmentally conscience company, we are dedicated to providing the best green and environmental printing services and products.


The State printing corporation was set up in 1968 an Act of parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and now functions as a Statutory Institution under the purview of the Ministry of Mass Communication, and is a high quality printing house, equipped with pre-press and finishing operations. It is virtually capable of performing anything in the field of printing and publishing which also includes book binding.

Up to the year 1982 State Printing Corporation had primarily been engaged in printing of School books & other Commercial printing work.

In addition to the above, in the year 1989 a publication project too was launched and it has established itself to become one of the leading printing works in the country.The corporation comprises of two production units.