Warakapola SalesCenter

Kegalle District


  • Province :Sabaragamuwa Province
  • District :Kegalle District
  • Distance to Colombo : 62 km


Please feel free to contact us by post, telephone or Fax.Our opening hours are 8.30am to 4.15 pm Monday to Friday.

  • AddressNo. 48,bus nawathum pola idiripita ,Kandy Road ,Wataraka

  • Phone:0352267934

  • Email: spcmkt20@gmail.com

  • Web:

Padukka SalesCenter

State Printing corporation is a leading supplier of office products and services to corporate and government sectors in Sri lanka.Our Warakapola SalesCenter has wide range of High-quality office and school stationery supplies to both individuals and businesses available at very competitive prices.